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Polarion in a Nutshell (Season 01 Episode 03): Build Management & Release Orchestration

In this episode of our series we briefly demonstrate the integration of an automation server (Jenkins) into the ALM process. Polarion provides a single source of information for all release related activities so that you can achieve seamless traceability between requirements, test cases, defects, development plan, source code revisions, builds and product documentation.

Polarion in a Nutshell (Season 01 Episode 02): Design & Requirements Management

Polarion enables bidirectional traceability between requirements and their design in a modelling tool (e.g. Enterprise Architect). You can easily verify that design elements have been created for all requirements and analyse the impact of changes.

Polarion in a Nutshell (Season 01 Episode 01): Software Configuration Mgmt (SCM) & Requirements Mgmt

In this series we examine enterprise key processes and briefly highlight how Polarion capabilities fit in.
The first episode is about complementing software configuration management (SCM) in a Git repository with Polarion's Requirements Management. The goal is simple: Develop what is required and understand what has been developed.




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